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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I subscribe to ?, the National Registration Service - Online, is no longer available to the general public. As such, there is not a subscription option. is currently provided to clients of Keith Frederick and to those who had subscribed prior to the service being closed to the public.
I previously had a subscription to - how do I access the service now ?
Previous passwords should work on the Login page. However, if you have problems then try the Password Reset feature. That feature will send a Password Reset link to the electronic mail address associated with your Account. If that does not work then please Contact Support.
I previously had a subscription - are my items still stored ? Can I download them ?
All registered items going back to around mid-2010 should be visible in your Account's Control Panel and listed under the specific Category in which they were registered. Items registered prior to that date should be listed in an Archive Page that can be viewed within the Reports section of your Control Panel. Those items have been stored offline. Hopefully, over the next twelve months (2023-2024), those items will be moved back online.

With respect to downloading registered items from around mid-2010 until mid-July 2023, links are available within the NRS-Online Settings Page. The items are stored in ZIP Archive files.

Note: the Download Links are OFF by default. Turning the links on will make the items available to anyone with access to the link. It is highly suggested that you turn the links off after you have downloaded your items.

As NRS-Online is not a storage service, the download links will likely be removed in the near future, and will only be made available upon request. Moreover, it should be noted that items registered after mid-July 2023 are not included in the download links.
Should I request support from within the NRS-Online Control Panel or via the Contact page ?
All users of NRS-Online should use the Support feature within the Control Panel. That will result in the fastest response.
How do I know if an online registration was successful ?
After an online registration, the number of bytes received as well as the MD5 and SHA256 Digital Signatures of the electronic file will be reported. This information should be the same as the original file on your system. If you need assistance with computing an MD5 or SHA256 Signature on your home computer then please submit a support request from within your NRS-Online Control Panel.
Can I retrieve, update/change, or destroy registered items ?
Once an item has been registered, it may not be updated or changed. However, clients may request that items be destroyed. Retrieval of an item may occur so long as any delivery costs are borne by the client. If an item is retrieved then the item will no longer be considered registered. NRS-Online is not a storage service, so registered files are generally not accessible on a real-time or even near immediate basis.
How large can electronic files be when registering online ?
The default limit is approximately 256 megabytes. However, this limit can be increased on a per-request basis. Note, any online registration must complete within sixty (60) seconds otherwise the request will fail. As such, the speed of the network connection may limit the size of uploads. If you need assistance with extremely large uploads then please send a Support Request from within the NRS-Online Control Panel.
Can I register domain names with ?
NRS-Online is not a domain name registration service, so domain names cannot be registered through NRS-Online.
Where are registered items stored ?
Items registered online are stored in Google Cloud. Physical items are currently stored in a storage facility in the State of Washington.
Are registered items kept confidential ?
Yes. Items registered with NRS-Online are not viewed unless a client requests an authentication.
How long has been in operation? has been operating since 1999. Originally, it was a generally available service providing both electronic and hardcopy registration service. Now, it focuses on electronic registration but does handle physical registrations on an as-needed basis.
Do I need to register to create a copyright ?
Copyrights are automatically created when a work is produced, so registration is not required. Registration is for protecting a copyright, not creating a copyright. Visit the US Copyright Office for additional information.
What is the difference between NRS-Online and Federal registration ?
Federal registration is required for bringing a copyright infringement lawsuit against another party. Moreover, Federal registration, if it occurs within five years of initial publication of the work, is considered prima facie evidence of ownership of the copyright to the work.

NRS-Online is for registering a multitude of items that may or may not qualify for US Copyright registration. NRS-Online is suitable for registering final works as well as the entire trail of evidence (drafts, notes, receipts, etc.) leading up to the final work. This potentially gives the author additional evidence to support their claim to authorship of any work as opposed to just simple possession of the work.
Is still owned and operated by Drake Analytics, Inc. ?
No. As of late 2016, has been owned and operated by Keith Frederick, a co-founder of Drake Analytics, Inc. and a California-licensed attorney. Drake Analytics, Inc. was wound up in 2016 when one of its shareholders deanimated.
Can NRS-Online or Keith Frederick provide legal counsel or assistance in copyright infringement or other legal matters ?
The can only provide authentication support and cannot provide legal counsel. Having a subcription to does not imply an attorney-client relationship with Keith Frederick.